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WELCOME to Monday, February 23, 2015. 

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un debuted a new haircut — and a new … eyebrowcut? — at a politburo meeting on this past Wednesday. The style is a variation on Kim’s signature shaved sides, but with the top now sculpted into a high, wedge-shaped pompadour that sits atop Kim’s head like a hat, or perhaps a small, dormant woodland creature. The North Korean despot accessorized his new look with partially-shaven eyebrows that now stop just above his pupils.
This new haircut raises a number of important questions for anyone who follows North Korean politics. For instance:
What instructions did Kim Jong Un give his barber that resulted in this style?
Was it, “Hey, you know trapezoids?”
Or perhaps, “You know my main priority is to ensure that my ears do not feel crowded, let’s work on a ‘do that really lets the old face-handles breathe”?
Kim Jong Un famously adopted his shaved-sided, center-parted haircut as a way to signal connection with his grandfather and the country’s founding leader, Kim Il Sung. Now the sides are still shaved, but the center part is GONE. What does it mean?
Could it be that the new style conveys an intent to embrace the legacy of his father Kim Jong Il, who also often sported a uniform crest of hair unbroken by any parting?
Or is it intended to signify that North Korea, like Kim Jong Un’s hair, is reaching new heights and cannot be stopped by gravity or any other natural force?
Does his haircut sail majestically ever-upwards, unlike the North Korean Unha rocket that failed spectacularly after launch in 2012, breaking up over the Sea of Japan?
Could Kim Jong Un’s new haircut carry a warhead?
Could Kim Jong Un’s new haircut target Seoul?
Will the haircut affect the possible resumption of the six-party talks on the future of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program?
Given the haircut’s obvious strength, would it be prudent to consider it a potential party to the talks in its own right?
Will the parties to the multilateral negotiations now be North Korea, South Korea, Japan, China, Russia, the United States, and Kim Jong Un’s haircut?
Is Kim Jong Un’s haircut willing to negotiate in good faith?
What are the haircut’s demands?
Is the haircut committed to North Korea’s Juche communist ideology, or is it a pragmatist?
Would the haircut ever defect?
What if, hypothetically, the haircut were offered access to a tourmaline-coated ceramic straightening iron and residence in the western city of its choice?
How about some argan oil as a deal sweetener?
Doesn’t the haircut realize that it’s so much more than just an appendage to Kim Jong Un?
Why can’t the haircut just believe in its own potential for once?
Doesn’t the haircut want to be a star?
Hasn’t the haircut ever heard the maxim “fall down seven times, stand up eight?”
What does the haircut mean, “of course you’d quote a Japanese proverb”?
Why would the haircut think that was meant to be a reference to Japanese occupation of the Korean peninsula?
Why is the haircut suddenly so angry?
Oh god what is the haircut doing?
Is anyone else seeing this?
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Have a great Monday people and whatever
you do, don’t forget to LAUGH IT UP! Peace, I am outta here, Eucman!



Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. Carl Sagan 

What force is more potent than love? Igor Stravinsky

Art has to move you and design does not, unless it’s a good design for a bus. David Hockney

It appears to be a law that you cannot have a deep sympathy with both man and nature. Henry David Thoreau

Never ever wear anything that panics the cat. P. J. O’Rourke


G U A R A N T E D T O M A K E Y O U L A F F….  

An Indian chief had three wives, each of whom was pregnant. The first gave birth to a boy. The chief was so elated he built her a teepee made of deer hide. A few days later, the second gave birth, also to a boy. The chief was very happy. He built her a teepee made of antelope hide. The third wife gave birth a few days later, but the chief kept the details a secret. He built this one a two story teepee, made out of a hippopotamus hide. The chief then challenged the tribe to guess what had occurred. Many tried, unsuccessfully. Finally, one young brave declared that the third wife had given birth to twin boys. “Correct,” said the chief. “How did you figure it out?” The warrior answered, “It’s elementary. The value of the squaw of the hippopotamus is equal to the sons of the squaws of the other two hides.” 


Friday’s Movie Trivia of the day!‘ What movie is this quote from??? ‘Throughout human history, we have been dependent on machines to survive. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.’

Answer:  The Matrix! Starring Keanu Reeves.

Monday Movie Trivia of the day! What movie is this quote from???  ‘You know what the Queen said? I had balls, I’d be a King.’


Friday’s Quizzler is……….

A man is sitting in a pub feeling rather poor. He sees the man next to him pull a wad of £50 notes out of his wallet. 

He turns to the rich man and says to him, 

“I have an amazing talent; I know almost every song that has ever existed.” 

The rich man laughs.

The poor man says, “I am willing to bet you all the money you have in your wallet that I can sing a genuine song with a lady’s name of your choice in it.” 

The rich man laughs again and says, “OK, how about my daughter’s name, Joanna Armstrong-Miller?” 

The rich man goes home poor. The poor man goes home rich. 

What song did he sing? 

ANSWER: “Happy Birthday” This song can be sung with anyone’s name in it. 

Monday’s  Quizzler is……….

Five siblings are they, their color is true;

One belongs to one, four are shared by two.

Connected together, some by locks;

Many meet their fate upon the rocks.

Arrange their initials, and you should

Find things that are found in a neighborhood.

What has just been described?

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